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Nurturing Human Potential and Relationships





Authentic, Deep Meaningful 



Ithaca is at the leading edge in EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. We nurture and hold Safe Spaces so that deep, authentic, meaningful dialogue can take place. By dialogue we mean listening with an open mind and heart - dialogue is often confused with "debate". Facilitating authentic and deep dialogue in Safe Spaces in turn nurture exploration, sharing and story telling of often difficult, challenging and sensitive issues about ourselves, relationships and issues we and community face.


Over the years, our clients have entrusted us with their growth and development in the following areas: 

  1. Diversity education (inter-ethnic, multicultural & inter-faith, diversity & inclusion education) 

  2. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) - accredited to the Cultural Intelligence Centre USA 

  3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - accredited to Multi-Health Systems USA’s EQ i-2.0

  4. Certified Mediator (International Institute of Mediation, Singapore)

  5. School Based Peer Mediation
  6.  Service learning (internationally and within Singapore)

  7. Leadership & team development 

  8. Environmental education 

  9. Adventure education 

  10. Facilitator Training

  11. Facilitation of Retreats & Conferences( including Open Space Technology/Unconferences)

  12. Civic Literacy & Civil Society Awareness / Skills Training

Current Projects

We feel privileged & excited to be currently working with the following partners. Many of these partners have collaborated with us for many years.

1 Ministry of Education (HQ & Schools, & MOE Kindergartens)

-Multiculturalism, Racial Harmony, Diversity & Inclusion using experiential platforms for all Students, Educators, School Leaders & Curriculum Designers

-Facilitation Skills Training for Educators, Students & Curriculum Designers.

2 Ministry of National Development - National Parks Board

-Facilitation Skills Training for officers​ & volunteers 


-Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator Training

- Model United Nations Facilitator Training

4 Google Inc (Asia-Pacific)

- Diversity & Inclusion Training 

5 Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth

- Facilitation Skills Training 

- Ask Me Anything Interfaith Series

- Conference Facilitation 

6 National Youth Council

Facilitation Skills Training 

7 People's Association

- Facilitation Training 

- Staff Retreats


- Facilitation Skills Training 

9 National University of Singapore

- Student Leadership Training

10 AYALA Corp 

- AYALA Leaders' League Training

Our Clients

Ithaca’s consultants and trainers have over 28 years of combined experience in their respective fields of expertise. Among the partners they have been proud to have worked with are:

Government Agencies
Educational Institutions
Commercial Organizations​
Foundations and Not-for-Profit Organisations​
Religious Organisations

Organisations/Institutes for Disabled

Sports Organisations

Youth Organisations


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We are now EI 2.0 Certified

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