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Projects - Past and Present

Ithaca's trainers/facilitators have taken on a wide variety of projects with many different partners.  For a look at these partners please click here. The type of work done is as varied as the parties.  We provide insightful training that brings self awareness to participants helping them to be the best they can be.

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Teacher Training

Ithaca partners with NIE to deliver teacher training to the next generation of teachers 
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Forum Theatre

Ithaca facilitated forum theatre in partnership with Act 3 and on various issues such as diversity - ethnicity, socio-economic class, nationality, religion.

Explorations into Ethnicity

Since 2006, Ithaca has trained 400 people from all walks of life to facilitate deep authentic dialogue exploring the issues of ethnicity, nationality and socio-economic class.

Facilitators are trained on how to nurture and hold safe spaces in order that authentic sharing can take place; discussing issues such as stereotyping, biases, prejudice and discrimination and how they affect us.

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Ask Me Anything Series


Ithaca in collaboration with White Hatter and supported by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth facilitates the exploration of various religious and spiritual traditions.

Faith Development Programs
Core Program in Interfaith Relations

Muslim clerics are introduced to the experience of interfaith dialogue and strategies for enhancing interfaith relations with other communities.

Praying Together
Explorations into Faith

Ithaca in partnership with South-East CDC, has trained 300 interfaith dialogue facilitators, introducing them to foundations of interfaith dialogue and facilitation skills

Networking Event
Civic Literacy

Ithaca introduces youth to concepts and principles of civic literacy in Singapore. Youth explore how they can actively participate and initiate change in their community and greater Singaporean society

Yoga by the Ocean
Healthy Living

In partnership with Ministry of Health (Office of Healthcare Transformation), Ithaca facilitates explorations and dialogue into how communities can design and organise appropriate strategies for enhancing health and wellbeing.  This includes diagnosing community readiness and community engagement plans to seed and catalyse community action in the following areas - healthy nutrition, active lifestyle and wholesome socialization and adequate rest.

International Conference on Cohesive Societies

In partnership with Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, White Hatters and, Ithaca facilitated sharing, dialogue and exploration of issues ranging from Abrahamic faiths, discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes as well as the effects of fake news and disinformation on social cohesion. Over 500 people attended the event.

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